About MLS Swift


Easily Modify Single Entry Keep History Transmit and Go
Work While Uploading Identify Differences Work Offline

  • One time entry of listing data that can be sent to both First MLS (FMLS) and Georgia MLS (GAMLS)
  • Make changes to each listing's status (within the rules of the listing services)
  • Off-line listing data entry and storage
  • Unattended listing data transmission
  • Manage each listing's photos and documents
  • Upload photos and documents while you continue working
  • Import listings from the listing services for changes and future reference
  • Identify differences between listing data on the two services
  • A historical listing database for inquiry or revisions


Prices (in tokens) are per transaction per listing service. Tokens may be purchased starting at 30 for $30. Quantity discounts are available.

Add listing 1.8 tokens
Import listing 0.08 tokens
Edit listing 0.6 tokens
Change status 0.6 tokens
Export listing 1.8 tokens
Send photo 0.03 tokens
Send document 0.15 tokens

How Accounts Work

Primary accounts must have tokens purchased for them in order to send listing data to the listing services. They may also have additional authorized user accounts added to them.

User accounts must be added to a primary account by the primary account user. They cannot be created directly by the user. When listing data is sent to the listing services using these accounts, the transaction cost (in tokens) is deducted from the primary account's token balance.

Membership is required!

MLS Swift is a software tool that simplifies access to FMLS and GAMLS, two separate and independent listing services. MLS Swift does not grant access rights or privileges. In order to perform any activity on a listing service, you must be a member of that service and have a User Name and Password with Add/Edit privileges issued by that service. If you are eligible and wish to join either service, click on FMLS or GAMLS. Membership in one service does not grant access to the other service.


MLS Swift must be installed in a Windows environment in order to send listing data to the listing services. If you have an Apple Macintosh produced after August 2007, you may use the Crossover software from www.codeweavers.com to provide the needed environment. MLS Swift is tested in this environment and has been found to have satisfactory performance. Trial versions of Crossover are fully functional for two weeks, to allow you to determine that you are satisfied before purchasing it.

Click the Download Windows Version button to obtain the MLS Swift installer.

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